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Global Protection Professionals

When you love your family, life doesn’t have to end. It can also grow.

What We Provide

Safeguarding Your Loved Ones.


We can help in succession planning by providing business continuity insurance that covers losses for untimely life events such as the loss of key persons and disability.

Financial Planning

We can give you access to a wide range of savings, investment, trust and protection products from only the best International Financial Institutions.

Trust Services

We can help you provide for your loved ones in a discreet, tax efficient, yet compliant manner, ensuring that your specific wishes are enacted upon effectively.

Our Partners

Our visionary founder pioneered emerging markets for premier global insurance providers across the Asia Pacific region, catalyzing the inception of the multi-currency insurance landscape in the region. Today, we exclusively collaborate with top-tier global insurance providers renowned for their unparalleled commitment to serving our esteemed clientele with excellence.

Support Team

Our core competence is to provide responsive online and human support services.

The Learning Exchange

A program in collaboration with prestigious institutions that promote a more nuanced understanding of the role that values play in global insurance.

Our Story

We are a Hong Kong based insurance intermediary focused on delivering tailor-made financial solutions for individuals who prioritize quality living. Founded by Eudaldo “Benjie” C. Atilano, Jr., OFL champions the enduring values of integrity and excellence, recognizing the pivotal role of strong families in society.

With over four decades of experience, we have empowered countless families to live fully in the present while building a secure future for generations to come.


"I have been impressed with the way its management and Technical Representatives headed by its founder, Eudaldo (Benjie) C. Atilano, Jr. has consistently displayed utmost professionalism and always adhered to the regulations and compliance guidelines set forth…Its professionalism, integrity and customer care is of the highest standard and trusted by clients."


Belinda Au, President & Head of North Asia, CHUBB Life Insurance Hong Kong Ltd.


“We were heartened to be of service to the immediate family, the wife and two sons in their early 20’s, of a valuable, longtime client who was in his early 50’s. Unfortunately, he passed away during the height of this pandemic.”


“More than 15 years since a client of ours took a policy (formerly CMG) for his young family. He left a substantial amount, including some gains from the company.”

Sunlife Financial


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How Can We Help?

We would love to hear from you. We have a team dedicated to helping you make the best decision for you and your loved ones.

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