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Who We Are

We are the oldest family owned boutique life insurance broker in Hong Kong with a clientele that is virtually the ‘Who’s Who’ of high net worth Asians and expatriates in the region

  • We act with competence in the performance of our duties. We endeavour to keep abreast with new lessons and technologies that can improve our skills at work
  • We have set high standards of quality in the delivery of work. We act with due skill, care, and diligence in the execution of duties and responsibilities. We constantly strive for excellence.
  • We comply with all regulatory requirements in the conduct of our business activities so as to promote the best interests of our Clients.

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What We Offer

Financial Planning

Be prepared for whatever life brings you. We love to help you meet your financial goals through our wide range of systematic process and insurance protection products.


Accounts for a loved one or made for a specific purpose? We ensure that all terms are written and enacted accordingly.

Savings & Investments

Connecting you with the finest financial institutions to invest with and professional fund managers who will look after your fund’s performance.


The future itself is unpredictable, that’s why we’re also offering flexible protection benefits and insurance programs which will secure your financials.


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Why Choose Us

We make sure your assets are safe and kept with utmost confidentiality. Your monies are diversified globally.

Our wide selection of protection services will allow you to shop GLOBALLY for the most cost efficient and self tailored life insurance policies to suit your unique personal needs.

Your global life insurance policy is domiciled in a highly regulated AAA jurisdiction for greater protection.

Strategic Alliances

To enable us to offer the best, we work only with the best in the Industry.


Ensuring you’re insured

“We were heartened to be of service to the immediate family, the wife and two sons in their early 20’s, of a valuable, longtime client who was in his early 50’s. Unfortunately, he passed away during the height of this pandemic.”

“More than 15 years since a client of ours took a policy (formerly CMG) for his young family. He left a substantial amount, including some gains from the company.”