The Company

Established in Hong Kong in 1983, One Finanz Limited (OFL) is a leading international life insurance intermediary in Asia specializing in high net worth individuals.

The company’s roots can be traced back to Dullater Investments Company Limited (HK) over three decades ago when its founder Eudaldo (Benjie) Atilano, pioneered the concept of offshore life insurance at a time when globalization was unheard of.

OFL is known for successfully incubating and developing high end markets in Asia for four prominent insurance institutions namely:

  • In 1983, Eagle Star Insurance Company, the oldest British insurer;
  • in 1996, Winterthur Insurance Company of the Credit Suisse Group, Switzerland’s largest;
  • one of the largest insurer in Australia, Colonial Mutual (CMG) in 2002,
  • in 2009 up to the present, AXA International (China Region).

These insurers are presently known as Zurich International, AXA Hong Kong and Sunlife respectively, ranking amongst Hong Kong’s top 10 Insurers.
OFL indeed is in the history books of offshore life insurance in Hong Kong and continues to be the ‘first stop’ of prominent European Insurers who wish to establish a strong presence in the region

Why Us

We make sure your assets are safe and kept with utmost confidentiality. Your monies are diversified globally. Your global life insurance policy is domiciled in a highly regulated AAA jurisdiction for greater protection.

Our wide selection of protection services will allow you to shop GLOBALLY for the most cost efficient and self tailored life insurance policies to suit your unique personal needs

What We Do

OFL provides bespoke life insurance solutions for high net worth families. We search the world to find the right combination of international financial products and estate planning solutions to best meet your individual and corporate requirements. Furthermore, we offer personalised service and guarantee utmost confidentiality whilst partnering with only the best financial institutions in the world.

Who We Are

We are the oldest family owned boutique life insurance broker in Hong Kong with a clientele that is virtually the ‘Who’s Who’ of high net worth Asians and expatriates in the region.

Where We Are

Our regional headquarters is in Hong Kong whilst we are present in other countries through affiliates and associates.


Our core competencies provide unparalleled advantages:

Track record

  • For nearly 30 yrs. of Management experience
  • We cater to high net-worth clients all over the world

Organisational Structure & Operations

  • Flat organization assures tighter controls.

Our Accomplishments

We are the oldest international life insurance intermediary standing that has successfully survived in Hong Kong despite an extremely fierce competitive environment.

With over 30 years presence in the market, no other international broker in Hong Kong comes near to OFL’s achievements and pedigree.