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COVID-19 Benefits coverage for Life insurance plans What products/policies are eligible for the coverage of COVID-19 Benefits? All individual or group life insurance policies issued in Hong Kong by Zurich Assurance Ltd, Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd or Zurich International Life Limited are eligible for this coverage.Who is eligible for the coverage of COVID-19 Benefits?…

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“Covered Customers” shall mean the life insured under any individual or group life insurance policies issued in Hong Kong by Zurich Assurance Ltd (a company incorporated in England and Wales with limited liability), Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd (a company incorporated in Switzerland with limited liability) or Zurich International Life Limited (a company incorporated in…

The dilemma of the high net worth individual

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As people say, ‘the new normal now is the abnormal’ Indeed it is. In investments, since the 1930’s up to perhaps the 9/11 event, one could more or less project investment returns. Shutterstock   For instance, from 1982-2000 US stocks averaged 15% per annum. In fact, mutual funds and life insurance companies backed up by…

A rich man’s guide to estate planning

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INHERITANCE TAX? And so you’re a high net worth individual? What do you do to keep your wealth intact? If you are in a jurisdiction with inheritance tax regulations, estate planning is highly rewarding. Shutterstock Estate Planning takes years to complete though. The purpose of estate planning is to pass on your estate to the…

The Concept of Blockchain Explained

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The utilization of blockchain is one of the hottest business concepts that made heads turn this year, as it quickly makes its way to businesses such as financial sectors, entertainment industry, e-commerce and so much more. But not everyone is ready to embrace this kind of technology, as it gained contrasting opinions from different business…

Privacy Talk : 5 Basic Tips on Securing Your Data

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Data breach is one of the worst challenges that accounting firms are still struggling to overcome. As an accountant, one of your prime responsibilities is to manage your client’s financial information, and once it’s breached, then it could spell danger for your firm. Like the two sides of a coin, an evolving technology can always…

Reality Bites Part Two : How Liens affect Business?

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During the first part of this article we tackled debt, its types and also discussed the things that a borrower undergo before completing a loan process. But what if you’re not able to pay your lender? Here is the second part of my article about debt and today we’ll talk about liens and how it affects businesses.

Reality Bites Part One: A Closer Look on Debt

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Debts played a vital role in our society. From mortgages to simple loans, if ever you need to buy food or even rent a car, all you have to do is go to your nearest bank and borrow money or even avail credit cards. Economic times are rough, and many businesses are having struggles on paying debts, even until now.