Charitable Organizations

A Major Benefactor of The Daughters of Divine Seal, a religious organization based in Rome, Italy with operations in Europe, Australia and Asia.


  • The Rainbow Project: An organisation that aims to provide appropriate and accessible education facilities for children with autism and related disorders in the Hong Kong S.A.R.
  • Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, Limited: Gives disabled people the oppurtunity to become financially independent whilst offering them creative fulfillment through the use of their art works in the greeting cards, calendars and other items.


  • Chateau Alendra: A foundation involved with the care of the underprivileged, providing opportunities to improve their state in life.\
  • Benefactor
    • Major contributor in the construction of a Catholic Church in the province of Pampanga in Luzon, the Philippines. The church was completed in 2006.
    • Spearheaded a pro-life initiative in Tagaytay City, Philippines by building homes for unwanted pregnancies.
    • Built a novitiate house for aspiring nuns in Manila, Philippines. Currently, involved in the construction of an orphanage home in Laoag City, Philippines. Projected completion in 2009.
  • Philantrophy: Granted numerous educational scholarships to poor but deserving students.