Eudaldo “Benjie” C. Atilano, Jr.


Benjie Atilano is widely recognized in the international financial services industry in Hong Kong and has been a major intermediary of global financial institutions in the Asia Pacific region for over 35 years.

Benjie has successfully incubated in Hong Kong four of the largest financial companies in the world, namely Zurich International (formerly Eagle Star Insurance Company U.K), AXA Hong Kong (formerly Winterthur Life of the Credit Suisse Group), Sun Life Hong Kong (formerly CMG Hong Kong) and AXA (China Region).

In 1983 he pioneered offshore life Insurance specializing in Asian high net worth individuals and expatriates. Indeed he ventured into the uncharted global market when globalization was virtually unheard of.

On 29 September 1983, he established Dullater Investments Company Ltd. in Hong Kong to act as the sole Master Agent of Eagle Star Insurance Company (UK) in the Asia Pacific region. Eagle Star, being the oldest insurer (Est.1803) in England was then a new entrant in the Hong Kong Insurance industry in 1982.

Dullater Investments Ltd, eventually evolved into Offshore Insurance Brokers in 1990 and then now known as One Finanz Hong Kong.

Benjie also founded Offshore Equities Swiss Ltd. in 1993. It was the largest international intermediary in Hong Kong for Winterthur Life of the Credit Suisse Group for about a decade until the latter was taken over by AXA Hong Kong where Benjie still takes a major role.

In 1995, Benjie initiated a unique life insurance trust plan called ‘Swiss Trust’ that mobilized the expertise of four entities namely Credit Suisse Trust Ltd., Winterthur Life, the largest insurer in Switzerland, Credit Suisse Asset Management, and Swiss Offshore Ltd., the sole international sales channel of Winterthur.

Facing the future with confidence well into its fourth decade, Benjie has turned over management into his next generation headed by Eudaldo T. (Benpy) Atilano.

Eudaldo “Benpy” T. Atilano, III


Eudaldo “Benpy” T. Atilano III is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the youngest among the Board of Directors of One Finanz Limited. A graduate of Nottingham University England, Benpy obtained a degree in Industrial Economics BA (Honours).

Benpy worked for the Credit Suisse Group in Hong Kong and in various divisions of Winterthur Life HK (Personal Financial Services) and Credit Suisse Privilege HK. He enhanced his experience by developing products for Credit Suisse Trust, Winterthur Life HK and Credit Suisse Asset Management. He was part of the team who had won first Prize in the Credit Suisse Financial Service Marketing Awards (2002) in Zurich, Switzerland.

Benpy Atilano possesses the vision, zest and drive to bring One Finanz Limited to the next level reaping more success in Asia Pacific Region and the rest of the world.

  • HK SFC licensure (advising on securities) and past responsible officer
  • Member, Million Dollar Round Table TOP OF THE TABLE (2011-Current)
  • Chairman, Philippine Association of Hong Kong (2006)
  • Vice-Chairman, Philippine Association of Hong Kong (2005)
  • Member, Philippine Association of Hong Kong
  • Former Member, British Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong
  • Former Member of EO – Entrepreneurs Organization
Ester E. Tan

Ester Tan is part of the company’s Administration Team overseeing the Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region. She provides invaluable assistance to the Client Servicing, New Business and Accounts departments and also maintains other affiliated Hong Kong Companies.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration major in Accounting and has more than 20 years of experience in the Finance Industry. She worked for Lyric Management Services, one of the largest General Agencies of one of the leading local insurance institutions as an Administrator of New Business and Policy Servicing for all the agents which also entailed communication with the various head office departments. During her few years-stint with the company, she started as the Administrator and moved up the ranks to Office Manager.

In 1992, Ester joined Dullater Investments Company Limited (DICL) an organization specializing in the offshore market catering specifically to high net-worth individuals across Asia. She subsequently supported companies from which DICL evolved assisting both onshore and offshore businesses.

She has likewise established essential contacts with key executives of various Insurance Institutions and Vendors in the region. Given her exposure to all aspects of the business as well as her qualities of dedication, industriousness, and attention to details she has helped manage the companies’ operations for over 10 years thus render her an asset to One Finanz Limited.

  • Director, Philippine Association of Hong Kong 2006 and 2007
  • Member, Philippine Association of Hong Kong
  • Member, Rainbow Project
Edoardo Benjamin “Doby” T. Atilano

Doby Atilano is a graduate of the University of Nottingham in England, one of the top business schools in the UK and recognized as the UK’s leading center for ethical & sustainable business education

Doby graduated in 2005 and has been a financial advisor for One Finanz Ltd. in Hong Kong for the past 12 years. Established by Doby’s father Benjie Atilano, One Finanz Ltd. has been the leader in the offshore insurance industry since the 1980s. Today, Doby is also one of the key partners running OFL. Driven to share his knowledge, Doby has given many talks and seminars on finance in the Ateneo Graduate School, Asian Institute of Management, and the Colayco Foundation for Education about investment instruments offshore and general global trends. He has also been interviewed for various finance publications worldwide.

As a hobby, Doby raced go-karts from 1996 to 1999 and has won in Silverstone England in 1999 with a Vauxhall Vectra racecar. He put his racing career on hold to prioritize his studies but he eventually made a comeback in 2007. In 2009, Doby won the Philippine Touring Car Championship. The experience he got from trying to find sponsors and endorsing companies sparked the idea of When a company sponsored him free gas to put a car sticker he thought of using technology to impart this benefit to the general pubilc. Hence in 2009, My Free Gas, Inc. was born. Up to this day, Doby and his wife Jacque have been working hard to take MyFreeGas further so that more people may feel their goal of creating a business that will ultimately make peoples lives easier—in this case through free gasoline.

Michael “Mike” C. Sy

Michael “Mike” C. Sy started his profession in the international financial industry in his early 20’s. At an early age of 10, when his father passed away, he became aware of the importance of financially being prepared and secured. This led to his advocacy in helping families and institutions, ensuring protection of assets from generation to generation.

Mike started as an Independent Financial Adviser with Dullater Investments Company Limited (DICL). He then became an associate for Offshore Administration Inc. (OAI) and Swiss Offshore Limited (SOL) – companies focused on Wealth Management for individuals across Asia. In these companies, he was consistently one of the top producers and handled an extensive list of clients.

Nearing three decades of successfully being a part of the following companies, Mike remains a team player:

  • Eagle Star Assurance Limited – Zurich Assurance Limited
  • Zurich International Life Limited
  • Winterthur Life – AXA Wealth Management
  • CMG Life – Sun Life Hong Kong
  • AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited

He is presently a key partner and Technical Representative for One Finanz Limited (OFL). Together with his partners and associates, Mike remains to his vision while playing a significant part in the exponential and strategic growth of OFL.

  • 2014 awardee for AXA’s Most Valuable Partner
  • Member, Million Dollar Round Table TOP OF THE TABLE (2017-present)